pop culture meets cartography

Pop culture for me is a strange addiction. I read an article about why people get obsessive about checking their newsfeed with every notification (guilty), and then I read another and another with kids about why the average young internet user’s attention span has changed to rapid fire snippets (I can tell you right now I did not read the entire articles mentioned above).

But hey, I love the internet as much as the next cubicle colleague with unrestricted access. Especially when it comes to INFOGRAPHICS which, according to the wikipedia definition, are basically a form of map. Only it’s not geographic and really about mapping out connections.

And when infographic meets pop culture, my worlds collide.

Taxonomy of Rap Names

Taxonomy of Rap Names

I found Pop Chart Lab that sells prints of these. Now I hope they make some money from this, because most of these look like they weren’t just whipped up on a lazy holiday Monday, but what do I know about graphic designers.

Just look at these veggies!

Veggie Varieties

Veggie Varieties

I’ll have more on infographics in the next post. Check out Pop Chart Lab’s print collection in the meantime.


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